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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Oct 30, 2013
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  • Address: New York

West Point Christian Co-Op

WPCC is a community of Christian home school families cooperating to educate, stimulate, and support one another in our calling to educate our children at home to “…bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” (Eph. 6:4) While remaining individualized and sensitive to each child’s God-given gifts and talents, it is our hope that this training would result in:

Knowledge and wisdom that reflect living by faith in God’s truth, as revealed in the Bible; and

Personal character which glorifies the Lord by showing forth the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Although one of the purposes of the Co-op is sharing teaching responsibilities, our homeschooling philosophy remains that the parents – both Dad and Mom – are the primary educators of their Children.

We are not affiliated with any particular denomination. Our members may attend a variety of area churches including but not limited to Assembly of God, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic and a host of non-denomination Christ-centered churches.

One of the purposes of WPCC is to provide experiences that homeschooled children can only experience in a co-op situation. Students experience being part of an academically oriented class in a classroom situation with a teacher other than their parent; they have a ready audience for their academic achievements; and practice group cooperation and appropriate competitive skills.

Core classes include those best done in a group setting such as Gym, Drama, and hands-on Science. Electives may include art, music, book discussions, or home economics. Electives may vary depending on the parents involved. There may be opportunities such as spelling bees and science fair in the future as well.

What you can expect:

Emotional and prayer support

The benefit of one another’s gifts and talents to complement and enhance your own home studies Friendship for children and moms

An instant audience for sharing projects and practicing public-speaking

The disciplines that can by developed only when children work within groups; and the sense of responsibility and interdependence that group-work nurtures.

The multiplication of time, energy, and resources that only happen when we join together with others

What Not to expect:

A break from teaching

An excuse for getting out of the house (there are far better field trips)

A place to bring your children so that others can provide for them

WPCC is a place where we all support and teach together. The Co-op structure is supported by each family’s involvement. Without that involvement, the structure waivers; and the responsibility for making a successful program falls too heavily on just a few.

New York

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