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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Oct 21, 2013
  • Category:
  • Address: Washington

The Washington Home Education Network

Since the early to mid 1990s the Washington Home Education Network (WHEN)has been for those interested in homeschooling in Washington state, particularly legislative news and discussion.

WHEN welcomes Home-based Instruction as well as Parent Partnered or other public school families. There is a wealth of resources families can share and benefit from as well as legislation and policies related to both choices. WHEN supports the laws which distinguishes between these programs and Home-based Instruction(homeschooling). This list is for sharing resources and networking with like (or unlike) families. We watch and DISCUSS legislative actions and/or policies of our state government, school boards and local municipalities as they relate to families who educate their children under the above laws. Please take the time to know which law your family is operating under.

Discussion is encouraged on WHEN and you may read things you disagree with.
Civility and passion for a cause are not mutually exclusive.

In essence, users are expected to read each post with intent to
understand the point the poster is trying to make. When composing posts,
respond to the argument; do not attack the person who made the argument.
As a participant here I hope you make a commitment not only to learn more about legislative issues, but also to improve your own
ability to communicate effectively with the diverse group of homeschoolers
on this list, as well as with legislators, the media, and the public at


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