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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Aug 25, 2013
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  • Address: P. O. Box 423, Purcellville ,Virginia 20134

VA Lions Football


The VA LIONS Football Program is more than a team; it is a program with a mission. A growing number of parents throughout our country make the decisions of alternative forms of education for their children; and they make these decisions for a wide variety of reasons. One such decision is homeschooling; another is a viable private school. Overwhelmingly, though, the reasons behind this “exodus” represent the parents’ convictions in their core beliefs and in their determination to provide a firm foundation for their children.

The VA LIONS is a Christian-based football program. It is more often referred to as a program rather than a team because the VA LIONS is about more than football as a sport. We constantly aspire to foster essential life application through the core Christian values of our organization; and to reflect these values through the actions of the coaches and staff, as well as the demeanor, behavior, and character of our players. We provide leadership in coaches the players can respect; coaches who exhibit Christian principles with every player, regardless of a family’s choice of education, race, religion, culture or beliefs.

Sadly, most areas currently only offer Parks and Recreation football teams for players under the age of 14. At the high school level, most public high schools prohibit homeschooled, and privately schooled players from participating on their teams. The VA LIONS is, and always will be, a Christian-based organization, but we believe that our doors should always be open to any player who wants to play.

In the Northern Virginia area, this leaves the families of high school football players only one option if their boys want to play this dynamic game at a competitive level. The parents must abandon their convictions to provide an uncompromised homeschooled or privately schooled education for their children. We believe that the families’ right to an alternative form of education should not be neglected because of a lack of alternative high school athletic programs.

For this reason, the VA LIONS Football Program was established.

We provide the platform to allow these players to realize their full potential … by providing them an opportunity to pursue their passions. The objective is not only to enable them to simply play ball, but also to train and prepare the VA LIONS players to play at the college level, and to help them become strong and productive members of our society as they enter their new adult lives.

This is a groundbreaking venture for the Northern Virginia/Metro DC area. This is NOT a pastime…it is indeed a mission.

P. O. Box 423, Purcellville,Virginia 20134


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