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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Dec 3, 2013
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  • Address: New Mexico

Santa Fe Homeschool Association

Welcome! Santa Fe Homeschool Association is an inclusive, cooperative group who has been around for many years, offering support to homeschooling families residing in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. The SFHA is comprised of families of many different faiths, beliefs, creeds, and walks of life, and is open to all homeschool families regardless of educational methods or religious beliefs.

As a cooperative, we rely on the generosity of parents to volunteer, organize, and coordinate events. Everyone’s suggestions, ideas, efforts, and plans are welcome, and necessary. Cooperative participation ensures regular events within the group. Events and activities depend upon our parents.

There is not a leader in the group who organizes all events. All events are organized by different parents with different talents. Without YOU, things will not happen. And, in fact, little has happened in the last 3 years due to nonparticipation of its members.

Activites in the past that parents have organized have included: homeschool 4-H club, Field Trips, Parent Support Meetings, occasional Classes, Clubs, Annual Science Fair, Parties, End and Beginning of Year Family Picnics, Musical & Theatrical Events, Weekly Ice Skating, Park Days, and a Teen Group.

If you are interested in carrying out activities, please join us!

Feel free to post questions and/or information relevant to home education and family. Spamming and/or flaming is explicitly prohibited here. Please conduct yourself in a courteous manner.

Best wishes for a happy and successful homeschool journey!

New Mexico

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