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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Nov 5, 2013
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  • Address: Massachusetts


RSM-MetroWest uses the well established RSM curriculum, which aims to combine the best international and US practices. We introduce algebra as early as in kindergarten, and by second grade our students are already solving simple algebraic equations and understand the notion of functions. The benefits of early introduction of algebra, with its roots in theories of a well-known Russian educator Lev Vygotsky, are becoming increasingly recognized in educational research in the United States. See an excellent selection of information about Vygotsky, and a list of recent publications on Early Algebra.

The RSM curriculum that we use here at MetroWest puts some of these ideas into practice, and we proudly observe how our students, who attend our program just two hours a week, are capable of absorbing complex notions with ease at an early age.

Our emphasis in elementary school is primarily on the cognitive development of the child, which we foster with a combination of carefully selected assignments and teacher-student interactions, providing the scaffolding for developing the necessary cognitive skills, intellectual curiosity, and mastery of key concepts.

By middle school we add a heavy emphasis on proficiency with mathematical concepts and tools, while continuing to incorporate logical problems and puzzles into the mainstream program.

By the end of 7th to 8th grade, when most of our classes complete Algebra 1 and some Algebra 2, we encourage our students to try early SAT tests as part of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth admissions process.

Our older students continue to pre-calculus, calculus, AP preparation and SAT II preparation classes. We also offer SAT preparation classes for high school students who have not been previously exposed to our program. Visit our Programs page for more detail.


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