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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Nov 25, 2013
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  • Address: California

Monterey Bay Military Homeschoolers MBMH

Monterey Bay Military Homeschoolers (MBMH) is a support group for military families who homeschool and live on the Monterey Peninsula. Our mission is to provide an information network for local homeschool families and to coordinate activities and field trips as desired. Our group website is

It’s wonderful that you are considering joining our list. Should you choose to join, please watch your email for a follow-up message. ***You must reply to it in order to be signed up on the list. If you do not see it, look in your “spam folder.”***

Please help keep this list focused on things that will benefit the largest number of participants by following these rules:

1. Use the email subject line wisely to identify the purpose of your post. We have children of different ages, varied interests, and active schedules. Let the subject line help people to see quickly if a topic is of interest to them.

2. Do not post solicitations on this list including fund-raisers, home business ads, or other sales. Do NOT use the information about list members (addresses, emails) to solicit them unless they have given you there express permission in advance.

3. You may post announcements for local activities of interest to members. Posting about upcoming club or church activities is okay, compelling others to be part of a specific club or particular church is not. A tone of acceptance and respect for differing beliefs goes a long way in differentiating between what is information and what is preaching.

4. If you have a topic that may interest a narrower group of list participants (a project for a certain age group, an activity with a special focus such as a chess group, book club, show and tell), please post your offering to the list and then work out details by personal emails or phone calls.

5. When in doubt, give the benefit of the doubt to your list members. Email does not convey nuances.


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