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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Nov 17, 2013
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  • Address: Illinois


Illinois Home Education (IHE) is an ongoing service project. It was started by our family as a service to the homeschool community in the state of Illinois.

IHE offers several services to the community:

IHE provides information to those seeking to learn more about home education in the state of Illinois.

IHE provides website design and website hosting for Illinois home education groups. IHE will provide free space on its servers to local organizations in need of these services.

IHE also offers tutoring in basic computer skills, web design, local area networking and computer repairs. We do offer onsite servicing for those within a reasonable driving distance. Contact us for pricing on these services at

The effort is a family affair. Karen (a.k.a. “Mom”) handles most of the web writing and much of the design. She has many years of experience as a writer, editor, web designer and computer tutoring. Karen has been a professional graphic designer and desktop publisher since 1997. Along with owning and operating KZH Design, she teaches computer arts courses and gives private computer lessons in the Chicagoland area. For non-homeschooling sites and other information about KZH Design, visit Read Karen’s blog, “Computers for Real Folks: Tales on Technology for the Non-Geek,” to check out what is new in the computer learning world.

Tim, the oldest son of the family, is responsible for maintaining the office computer network and also completes some of the web design. Tim has had his own computer services business for the last six years; visit his blog at Tim also works for a local IT company as well as in the IT department at the Oak Lawn Public Library.

Jeff, the middle son, is a developer for the up and coming Bodhi Linux operating system. He enjoys writing computer code both on his own and with his friends. He is currently a math major, pursuing a bachelors in math with a secondary degree in education; he will graduate in May 2011. Jeff also writes a blog called “Thoughts on Technology.”

Doug, works as an assistant to his brother, Tim, doing computer repair work. Doug enjoys creating computer graphics and 3D animation. Doug also works at a local art center, performing both custodial and technical theater work. Doug is currently a computer sciences major, pursuing a bachelor’s degree. He writes a blog and posts some of his artwork at the TopHATTwaffle website.

David, husband and father, works in law enforcement. He still maintains a carpentry business. Karen is thankful for the amazing home office he built! David also enjoys crafting custom stained glass. You can see some of his pieces at his 3 Boy Glassworks site.

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