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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Oct 31, 2013
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  • Address: Maine


The Homeschool Support Network was formed in 1986 as a not-for-profit educational service organization to help provide information, encouragement and support to parents and families interested in homeschooling. Please take a moment to look at the different services offered on this site. All are free of charge. For beginning homeschoolers especially, look at the links Home Educator’s Family Times for the best and newest articles regarding homeschooling issues, and Support, Research & Encouragement for that needed encouragement; and you will find some of the best sources for curriculum at our Resource Network and the buttons on this page. If you have specific questions, we do our best to answer them. If we can’t, we will refer you to a reputable source who can. Go to our Online Help Desk and type in your question. We can usually answer you within 24 hours. Looking for a support group or organization? Go to State Support and Information. We are here to help you succeed at the awesome job of parenting and the adventure of homeschooling – in its many forms!

Are You Considering Home Education?

Research indicates that every day, nationwide, parents are turning to the options of home education for at least some part of their childrens’ training. Studies consistently prove that homeschooling means excellence in education and represents one of the best alternatives in school choice. Homeschooled children out-rank both public and private schooled students in academic, social and psychological tests. And at the root of this phenomenal success is a simple, common-sense approach to learning and a return to the building of strong family units – homeschooling. For more information regarding the success of homeschooling read the article “Homeschooling: the successful social experiment”.

Provided with individualized curriculum and methods which allow them to learn and grow naturally, normal children climb the academic ladder in a significantly shorter time than their peers in traditional schools. They are tutored in a friendly, comfortable setting with methods suited to their own particular learning style and are therefore free to devote more time to discussion, thoughtfulness, and exploration of their interests in a wide variety of activities, many of which include work and service to others.

Perhaps the most important benefit is the opportunity that homeschooling affords these families to reclaim and rebuild the family unit – the backbone of all society. More time is given to the important aspects of character training and the nurturing of essential values which form the foundation of positive spiritual, social and psychological development. Families are able to build relationships, communication skills and spend the quality time needed in living, working, playing and serving others together.

All of this careful preparation is producing exceptional individuals and responsible thinkers who will ultimately benefit their community and country. Already, universities, colleges and business organizations are actively pursuing home educated students to bring excellence into their own student bodies. They recognize the potential leadership value and positive influence of these young men and women. These young people have had much invested into them by those with the greatest interest in their future – their own parents and families.


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