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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2013
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  • Address: Johnson County, Kansas

The Homeschool Hookup

We do NOT charge any membership fees. We are a Christian group. We all believe that Jesus is the ONLY way, the truth and the life. The group is made up of wonderfully supportive and encouraging Christian parents who have chosen to educate their children at home or who are considering doing so. We are here to build one another up. I will not tolerate any drama in this group. Anyone causing drama will be removed from the group immediately. We currently have a total of over 425 families in the Kansas group and over 120 families in the Missouri group. Some members of the group are not on Facebook and so I e-mail them directly with information about activities. Our group is a local group. Most of our members are from the Johnson County, KS area. Although, we do have a few from other states who love the support they find in our group. We get together for monthly field trips, weekly Park Days, monthly Mom’s Nights Out and holiday parties. We are working on a Dad’s Night Out. If you have a question about curriculum feel free to post it on the group wall. We have a list of curriculum abbreviations in the document section along with lists of great websites to use including several free ones.

In our Documents section (found at the top of the page under our group name) we have a member directory (that is currently being updated), teacher discounts lists, homeschool enrichment programs, lessons, wanting to sell/buy, co-ops, websites for free worksheets and more! Please check it out often because it is always getting updated with new information. We also have a place for teens to get to know eachother. The Facebook group is called “The Teen Homeschool Hookup (Kansas)”. If you have any teens feel free to join the group or have them join. We also have a Missouri group. You can find it by searching Facebook for “The Homeschool Hookup (Missouri)”. Our group is so supportive. I pray it is a blessing to you as well. The purpose of this group is to connect with other homeschoolers/unschoolers for encouragement, fun and friendships.

Johnson County, Kansas


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