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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Oct 15, 2013
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  • Address: Seattle, Washington

Firmly Planted Homeschool Co-ops

Firmly Planted Homeschool Co-ops is working with parents and pastors to establish an international network of homeschool cooperatives. We are praying for homeschool co-ops to become a “staple” of church ministry. Once you become part of the Firmly Planted network of co-ops, you will find support, encouragement, resources and new friendships with other people who are working with homeschoolers just like you! “Thank you for your ministry! As soon as we we joined, we received our passwords, met other co-op leaders and immediately felt a sense of relief! Suddenly, we were not alone! Thank you for your efforts on behalf of homeschoolers everywhere!”

Our Vision

Building a network of homeschool communities around the world.

Our Mission

We desire to be a resource center where members can find practical and spiritual information to assist them in their commitment to homeschooling. At Firmly Planted, we’re passionate about ministering to homeschooling families.  In an effort to help parents and pastors understand how we do that, we have designed our website specifically for YOU! Here you will experience Firmly Planted Homeschool Co-op’s vision as you view our program from several different perspectives.


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