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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Nov 25, 2013
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  • Address: California


You will be given the option to participate in a “learning style”
assessment which will provide us with an exact picture of how you and
your children like (prefer) to learn.   We have found that this
assessment has provided numerous families with great success.

We specialize in a less formal approach and encourage creative and
fun activities. Even though we specialize in a more relaxed approach we
do accommodate any homeschool style from unschooling to pure
textbook.  Our ISP is also designed to minimize the amount of required
paperwork. We realize that most homeschool parents really do not want
to spend endless hours doing reports and attending a large number of
meetings. We have geared the program to provide individual
counseling where required and the leeway for the parents to create
their own unique homeschool style to best serve their children.

To facilitate a well rounded educational experience we offer park days,
field trips, yearbook publication, a Boy Scout Troop, Cub Scout Pack,
various clubs and classroom teaching of selected subjects.

EIE is directed by Carolyn Forte, a credentialed teacher, and her
husband Martin, who collectively have over twenty years of teaching,
counseling, and homeschooling experience.


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