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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Oct 28, 2013
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  • Address: New York


WELCOME TO D.R.E.A.M. Discovery, Resources, Education and More 
WHO WE ARE: We are an ecclectic group of families who educate our children at home. The group is secular and is open to all homeschoolers, as well as to those who are considering homeschooling their children.

We are a diverse homeschooling community that provides support, resources, networking and activities for homeschoolers of various ethnic and religious backgrounds throughout Nassau and Suffolk Long Island, as well as the five boroughs of NYC. We do not subscribe to any single homeschooling philosophy, and embrace the diversity of our members.

WHAT WE DO: We provide a community in which members of the group can plan activities such as field trips, play dates, and learning co-ops, as well as discuss homeschooling issues. This is a member-driven group, and all members are welcome and encouraged to plan activities and post to the list. If you need ideas for activities, or just want to put out feelers to the group about ideas you might have, feel free to post your questions or ask for support. Any member may add files or databases to the site that might be of interest to the group. Check the site calendar for upcoming activities, or scroll back through the messages.

PLEASE: We have no group “bylaws” or guidelines, and ask only that you be kind and considerate of your fellow members. Spamming (including advertising your own business on the site), flaming, and negative comments about others’ philosophies and ideas are not acceptable on this site, and will be moderated by the listowners. Off-topic posts (e.g., “apt. for rent”) are allowed, but please mark OT in the subject heading to alert those who would prefer to skip such posts.

New York

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