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  • Author: Roberto Espinoza
  • Date Posted: Oct 14, 2013
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  • Address: Seattle, Washington

Christian Heritage

Our Mission


Christian Heritage upholds the God-given responsibility of home-based discipleship and education that is parent-directed, free from government control, and Christ-centered to the glory of God.


Christian Heritage equips parents to Biblically disciple and educate their children. Christian Heritage accomplishes this through events, instruction, training, resources, and support.


Our purpose is to help you catch, maintain, and achieve this vision as teachers, and disciplers of your children. We consider it an honor to serve you – to help you, by God’s grace, make this vision a reality in your family.


One avenue for accomplishing our purpose will be regional and statewide events to give you encouragement and practical instruction on many topics of concern and interest to homeschooling families. From how to effectively teach academics to how to keep things organized to how Dad can be involved to moving beyond homeschooling – we plan to cover it all! In fact, if you become a member you can have a say in what topics are covered.


Networking Christian homeschoolers is also one of our aims through these events and through our membership system. Helping you make contact with Christian homeschoolers in your area – and throughout the state – is a priority because we know the importance of having support and encouragement in the long haul of the home education process. We invite you to become a Christian Heritage member and participate in the Christian Heritage Network where you can connect with like-minded people in your area who share your interests and desire to serve the Lord.


In addition to our statewide and regional events we offer an informative website, periodic e-newsletters, CD’s of our event messages for through-the-year encouragement, support group leaders help & support, as well as other materials and resources to get you started and keep you going in the exciting homeschool adventure.


At the forefront of our minds is the preservation of your right to educate your children as you choose. This is why we strongly support Christian Homeschool Network of Washington (CHN) and work closely with them to help preserve our Washington State homeschool liberties. We encourage you to keep updated on current state educational issues through the CHN website and newsletter and to support them with your finances and prayer. See the to find out how you can make a difference. We also urge you to join the Home School Legal Defense Association for vital legal protection. See for more information.


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