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Roberto and I with our “Super Hero” –

Hello and welcome to our website! We are a bilingual family of three homeschooling in Miami, Florida. My name is Patricia, I come from the “middle of the world” as they say in Ecuador, Roberto’s from Nicaragua, and our son, Super Hero, was born right here in sunny Miami.

We’ve been homeschooling since September 2011, a few days before Super Hero turned 6. Back then homeschooling sounded very unusual to me. So unusual in fact, that I was willing to take on the rat race rather than thinking about educating my own child. Roberto, on the other hand, had recognized the benefits of homeschooling long before me, and endeavored to convince me prior to enrolling Super Hero in kindergarten. I wouldn’t budge though, and so we carried on, laboring daily to get to this notable magnet school almost an hour away from us. Rising at 6 in the morning and returning home at 4 in the afternoon, beating the horrendous commute traffic, and meandering school drop-off and pick-up lines, is not what I had envisioned as ideal for a kindergartener. “School’s way too long” Super Hero would tell us, “why can’t we just stay there from 9 to noon like in preschool?”

Why can’t we really? We knew all along that school would be different from preschool, which was very nurturing and unforgettable for us. We attended a cooperative preschool, and there, we parents, got to stay with our children for as long as we wanted, any day, any time. The 20 or so families in the cooperative were it, we were the preschool. There we played dress-up, planted butterfly gardens, strawberry picked, milked goats at little farms, fed giraffes at the zoo, jumped, biked, hula hooped, cooked, painted and read together (and a zillion other things we did with our big, ‘extended’ family). So why couldn’t we continue learning this way? We wanted to spend our mornings together, or our afternoons together, or just moments together doing those meaningful things we had been used to. Suddenly, we couldn’t.

To be fair, our kindergarten experience was very short lived. One evening during supper, only after 6 days of public school, Super Hero put his fork on the plate, looked up at us, and nonchalantly said –”Guys, I think we need to homeschool … kindergarten is not for me!”. Roberto and I exchanged glances and raised our eyebrows. We had made sure not to do our homeschool debating in front of him. And yet here was our still-not-6 year-old son delivering the answer in such a calm and confident way.

So here we all are, going through this learning journey together. We feel grateful that we did take the leap, because there’s absolutely nothing we’d rather be doing. We absolutely love spending time with each other. It’s tremendous fun to make our own schedules, to sign-up for the classes Super Hero really wants to take, to study the subjects we want, anytime we want, whether it’d be morning, afternoon, or evening, weekdays or weekends. It doesn’t matter when or where, as long as we’re having fun and enjoying the process.