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By Patricia Espinoza

WriteShop Primary Review

Super Hero and I had the opportunity to use the award-winning writing program

WriteShop offers writing programs for children as young as kindergartners all the way to high-schoolers:

  • WriteShop Primary: Grades K-3, introduces writing through one-on-one instruction using games, crafts and picture books.
  • WriteShop Junior: Grades 3-5, introduces genre writing using solid pre-writing, editing and grammar skills.
  • WriteShop I: Grades 6-10, provides a solid foundation in description, informative and narrative writing.
  • WriteShop II: Grades 8-12, expands on WriteShop I’s skills.

What We Received

We received the complete digital PDF files for both, the Primary Teacher’s Guide, Book C, retail price $29.50; …read more

Source: Raising a Self Reliant Child